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Baby Games app is designed for toddlers who are in the process of getting used to mobile phones. It has exciting collection of toddler games to keep your baby calm and entertained. Presently, this app consists of 6 main games:

*** Balloon Popping - Balloons keep appearing on the screen. Baby needs to pop the balloons. Score is displayed at top of the screen.

*** Bubble Popping - Bubbles float all around the screen. Each bubble has a surprise sea organism (fish) embedded within it. When Baby pops a bubble, sea organism appears and sinks to the bottom of the sea.

*** Animal Sounds - 6 animals appear on the screen. When touched, animal shakes and makes a sound. Great feature for your baby to have fun and at the same time get familiarized with the animals.

*** Vehicle Sounds - 6 vehicles appear on the screen. When touched, vehicle starts moving while making a sound. Great feature for your baby to get familiarized with the vehicles.

*** Image Scramble - An image scramble appears in front of the screen. Baby just needs to tap on screen to solve the puzzle. Interesting sounds and graphics follow to amuse your baby.

*** Music Box - A collection of musical instruments. When baby touches an instrument, it generates a musical sound. Will help toddlers to get acquainted with various musical instruments.


NitinProject8_GJR_ADS.apk 8 MB

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